Case Study – AN Agency in Distress



The Situation: Company XYZ was having major challenges. For several years, the company held steady revenues but with flat growth. In 2013, prospects looked good with several large jobs in the pipeline. The company went on a hiring spree. Unfortunately, the work didn't materialize and the company was bleeding cash. Within 12 months, headcount fell by 80%.

A New Mindset: Turning things around from the inside-out.  Over the course of 12 months and at a fraction of the cost of hiring the larger consulting firms, we helped Company XYZ realign its operations by adopt a healthier, more global mindset that was aligned with Service-Network Leadership principles. This involved:

  • Setting the vocabulary and mindset to put internal 'service' as the higher-value-added work.
  • Facilitating a strategic planning workshop that brought everyone behind the upgraded vision and mission.
  • Coached/upgraded the team to adopt a global mindset, opening opportunities that were hiding in plain sight.
  • Improved company culture and helped staff feel more positive, engaged and optimistic.
  • Reviewed the companies Marketing/Communication strategy and operations.

Detoxing the service habitat meant applying the more competitive Service-Network Leadership principles. For example, whereas the former CEO applied a command-and-control approach at decision-making, a distributed leadership approach was adopted and proved more competitive.

Results: The future looks bright. By the end of our engagement, the Company recorded one of their highest months in sales and was on track toward greater success. The team adopted an improved hiring strategy, one that was more appropriate to the company's health. Most importantly, a new mindset was achieved that secured contracts from new markets they hadn't seen before.