We use a practical 3-Point System across everything we do:

  1. Define terms and concepts from Service-Network Leadership.

  2. Use our diagnostic tool to identify growth or change opportunities.

  3. Decide what to do to set lasting change and benefits.

Through Service-Network Leadership training and audits, we show where to focus to build greater engagement. As engagement improves – that is, as your people are more inspired and motivated to work better – you get better performance. You will also earn higher trust and better employee retention.

From the time it takes to enjoy a coffee to any of our short or extended seminars, we always aim to deliver valuable insights that help your people work better.

The Service-Network Leadership 3-Point System: 


Our programs are based on these and many other modules:

 Start the diagnostic now with our survey.

Start the diagnostic now with our survey.


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Service-Network Leadership is especially relevant for companies that want to grow to the next level.

Our mission is to help organizations use the best mindset for reaching record-breaking performance. This performance comes from knowing how to build the best, most competitive service network. In other words, how to build a service that earns trust and respect from clients around the world.

We regularly run introduction seminars and would be delighted to visit your office. 

The first step is to contact us.  


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trust BEATS skill

Skills are learned but trust is earned. Trust is the critical factor that no company can afford to lose, and we show how to build trust so that you always stay ahead.  

This is as much about us as it is about you. We have to walk our talk. For that reason, yes, do expect us to keep all client information secure, private and confidential. This is a fundamental part of who we are and we uphold the highest standard of confidentiality, respect and human decency. 




On 23 August 2003, Ran Elfassy and his wife moved to Hong Kong. 

At the close of 2005, Ran met Po Chung. This launched an apprenticeship in Service-Network Leadership that has lasted more than a decade. Ran didn't know who the decent, fascinating business leader was, but quickly appreciated Po's rare intelligence and strong moral compass. It's not every day we meet people who can clearly show the connection between character and leadership. 

Ran has since helped Po refine, publish and apply the many groundbreaking insights that feed the Service-Network Leadership program.

Two key works supporting the Service-Network Leadership program are The 12 Dimensions of the Service Leader and Service Habitat Design.




Mr. Chung is the Co-Founder of DHL International and Chairman Emeritus of DHL Express (Hong Kong). In 1972 he co-founded DHL International, the Hong Kong-based company that, together with DHL Airways of California, operated the DHL Worldwide Network. In 2000, DHL was acquired in full by Deutsch Post, making it the world¹s leading air express company handling more than 100 million documents, parcels, and pieces of freight a year across five continents. Since his retirement from leading DHL's Asia Pacific operations, Mr. Chung has focused on teaching Entrepreneurship, Service Leadership & Management, Service-Network Leadership, and much more. 



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Ran helps me as I develop and fine-tune ideas to bring them into sharper focus.

Po Chung
Founder & Chairman Emeritus, DHL International
Founder, Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership & Management

The Service Leadership insights were fantastic. The focus on changing mindset did, in fact, inspire and engage.

Andrea (Andie) Herrera-Gayol
MD, MSc, PhD. Scientific Consultant

Especially through the start-up phase, the advice and support I received [from Ran] helped me get my company to where it is today.

Andrew McBurney
Founder, Boulderz Climbing Centre







Most of the photos on this website were made by Ran Elfassy, and all are under copyright. 

To view more of Hong Kong's stunning fauna, visit Ran's album by clicking the image on the left. 




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